We have one room for all the children to explore, learn and play. We find having one room can be beneficial as the older children will help the younger children. Children are given the opportunity to explore colours, shapes and counting, through a range of activities and the staff ask lots of open ended question, to help extend your child’s play. Everything in the room is carefully labelled with clear writing as well as bright photographs, to encourage your child to be independent from a young age as they access their own resources within the room, all under supervision of course.

The children work and play in a stimulating, open plan environment, where our experienced and caring staff prepare routines that follow early learning goals. Preschool children are encouraged to explore all aspects of early learning such as social skills, creative language, general knowledge, literacy and numeracy as well as self-help skills. When they enter the setting children self register and welcome their peers, sign the days of the week using makaton signs, count the children and complete the weather board.

We provide opportunities for emotional, social and developmental growth in preparing your child for school. We teach all our children to form positive relationships with their peers and adults, and develop their confidence to enable them to communicate in front of others. Praising achievement and effort in all areas of learning, with a courteous manner at all times, helps to promote self-esteem and pride.

All children are assigned a key worker who is responsible for monitoring your child’s development and supporting them throughout. Staff also track each child’s progress on a termly basis to help monitor children’s development and to create a future plan to enhance their strengths or areas for support further.
Key workers meet with parents once a term and we hold a Parents evenings in July for staff to share with parents their child’s development, interests and achievements further and allow parents to discuss any queries further.

The preschool environment consists of a:

– Construction and small world area

– Woodwork area

– Creative Area

– Play dough and cooking area

– Phonics corner

– Sensory Den

– Quiet/ Reading corner

– Role Play

– Technology Area

– Snack area

Our qualified staff team continuously observe, plan and prepare activities for each individual child to ensure their needs are met and their minds are stimulated. We recognise and respect every child as an individual and ensure their daily tasks and routine will support them on their personal journey, pushing their boundaries and socially and academically succeeding.

Our nursery environment provides children with the skills they need to become independent learners on the progression to School.